Butterfly Men’s Table Tennis Shoes, White/Silver, 9

Price: $141.99

Developed by Butterfly table tennis, the Lezoline GIGU tennis shoes are specifically designed to enhance the footwork of top players. With a focus on professionalism, these shoes boast a range of features that provide optimal shock absorption, stability, and functionality.

The thickest sole in the Lezoline series ensures superior shock absorption thanks to the inclusion of B-ABSORBER, a specialized shock absorbing sponge that offers superior cushioning and flexibility. This advanced technology helps to reduce the impact on your feet, allowing for more comfortable and efficient movement on the table tennis court.

The outer sole of the Lezoline GIGU features WINGRIP, a specially designed formation that provides exceptional grip and aids in ensuring precise movement. This high level of traction enhances your ability to maintain control and execute accurate footwork during intense matches.

Stability is a crucial factor in table tennis, and the Lezoline GIGU addresses this by incorporating STB technology. This innovative feature promotes stable footwork and helps to prevent any distortion of the shoes that may occur during specific table tennis movements. With these shoes, you can focus on your game without worrying about your footwear holding you back.

In addition to their superior functionality, the Lezoline GIGU tennis shoes prioritize comfort. Made from a combination of sturdy synthetic fiber and synthetic leather materials, these shoes offer durability and support. The abrasion-resistant rubber sole further enhances their longevity. Whether you’re practicing or competing, the Lezoline GIGU shoes provide the perfect balance of functionality and comfort for your table tennis needs.

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