Butterfly Unisex Table Tennis Shoes, White/Silver, 11.5 US Men

Price: $141.99

Developed by Butterfly table tennis to enhance the footwork of elite players, the Lezoline GIGU boasts impressive features while maintaining a professional design.

With its thickest sole in the Lezoline series, this shoe offers exceptional shock absorption. Thanks to the B-ABSORBER, a specialized shock absorbing sponge that provides cushioning and flexibility, players can expect optimal support on the court.

The outer sole of the Lezoline GIGU is equipped with WINGRIP technology, ensuring a high level of grip and aiding in accurate movement. This specifically designed sole enhances stability, allowing for precise footwork without the risk of shoe distortion during intense table tennis movements.

Not only does the Lezoline GIGU prioritize functionality, but it also prioritizes comfort. Constructed with a combination of sturdy synthetic fibers and synthetic leather materials, this shoe offers durability and breathability. The abrasion-resistant and rubber sole further contributes to its longevity and provides added comfort for players.

Overall, the Lezoline GIGU is the ultimate choice for professional table tennis players seeking a shoe that excels in functionality, comfort, and style.

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