Mizuno Women’s Horizon 5 Running Shoe, Silver Filgre-Barly Blue, 8

Price: $159.95.00 - $120.00

Enerzy Foam: Mizuno Enerzy Foam is known for its superior responsiveness and springy qualities when compared to previous Running EVA technologies like U4ic and U4icX.
U4icX Midsole: U4icX is a lighter and more cushioned version of U4ic, providing a softer and more comfortable experience during each step. This innovation can be found in popular Mizuno shoe models such as the Wave Enigma, Wave Inspire, Wave Rider, and Wave Prophecy.
U4icX Strobel Lasting Board: The U4icX Strobel Lasting Board guarantees a pleasant underfoot feel, ensuring maximum comfort.
X10 Outsole: The X10 outsole is crafted from durable carbon rubber, enhancing the longevity of the shoe by allowing for longer periods of wear without significant wear and tear.
Foam Support Wave: The Foam Support Wave is designed to offer a wave-like sensation of both comfort and support, thanks to its foam composition.

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