New Balance 620 Shoes: What You Should Know

New Balance is a brand that is known all throughout the world for their extensive line of walking and running shoes. They also have cross trainers, but sadly these products do not receive as much press. The company’s cross trainers and trail runners are of high quality. New Balance is a company that is proudly American. All their products are made right here in the United States of America. It is important to buy local products especially in this economically challenged times.

New Balance is now also leading the way in the sport of trail running. The company is releasing lots of innovative shoes. A very good example is the New Balance 620. It differs from BCBG women’s shoes as well as Converse men shoes because it is especially made for a single purpose, to help off road runners. This is especially designed for off road purposes. It has a lot of features which is great for the trail,

Advantages of the New Balance 620

· Tough. This is one of the things that a trail running shoe has to be and true to form, the New Balance 620 is super tough. Shoes take a lot of abuse, especially in off road situations. The toughest running shoe can be quickly destroyed by rocks, mud and stumps. The New Balance 620 is durable and strong.

· Great traction. It is very easy for a person to lose his or her grip when running on a trail. This shoe has an all terrain tread that is engineered specifically for trail use. The bottom of the shoe grips the earth with serious authority.

· Comfortable. If you run off road and you are not wearing the right shoe, it is going to cause pain on your feet. This shoe has the N-FUZE foam in the sole making runners more comfortable. This is super light weight foam that keeps feet protected from the rough earth below it.

· Attractive. The New Balance 620 cross trainer not only serves its purpose as an off-road shoe, it is also aesthetically appealing. It is both fashionable and functional, just like the New Balance 810.

· Do not need to be broken in. There are some shoes that are a little hard on the feet the first time you use them. They need to be “broken in”. This is where the New Balance 620 shoes are different; they do not need to be broken in.

Disadvantages of the New Balance 620

· Small and narrow. A lot of customers were disappointed, especially with the New Balance 620 men shoe. The size was a little small, especially for those people with wide feet. This is not a problem with the New Balance 620 women’s as most women have narrow feet.

· Poor insole. Runners complained of the nonexistent arch support that is an essential thing in their sport.

· Poor durability. The shoes wear out very quickly.

Features of the New Balance 620

The New Balance 620 shoes weigh 341 grams or 12 ounces. It is equipped with ABZORB technology that provides exceptional shock absorption. Runners are always at risk of falling and injuring themselves. We have seen this happening many times either on television or personally. It is extremely necessary for a shoe to have a cushioning feature that will help tackle even the most rugged terrains. It has AT TREAD technology that helps provide the best traction even in wet conditions. This feature somehow makes the shoes look as if they are intended for soccer players and not runners. Do not be fooled by the appearance though because this will provide you the much needed support in running. It has a synthetic mesh upper material and solid rubber outsole.

Runners cannot just wear any shoe, just like soccer players cannot just wear tennis shoes. Each shoe is designed for a specific need and a certain purpose. If you are a runner, it is best to be equipped with a shoe that will provide all of your needs. Also, a few extras will not hurt. When purchasing running shoes it is important to look not just at the price but at the features of the product. The New Balance 620will cater to all your needs and give you something more.

Source by Danny Hawkins

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