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Racquet Overview of the 7 days: Dunlop SX three hundred Lite


Dunlop has been making racquets given that 1932. Driven by a enjoy of the match, the manufacturer proceeds to add improvements that develop lighter, more powerful, and quicker solutions. Their latest series of racques, Dunlop SX, delivers speedy accessibility to speed and spin. The lightest racquet in this line is the SX three hundred Lite, that includes a one hundred sq. inch head, a sixteen x 19 string pattern, and a 302 swing weight. This racquet earnings from Dunlop’s new Spin Improve Know-how, which makes use of spin enhance grommets at the top to additional the string movement vital for added spin.

The SX three hundred Lite also carries Sonic Main technologies with Infinergy, an elastic product that conveys a lot more unique comfort. Its polished black and yellow body will capture your eye on the court docket. Due to the fact I had under no circumstances performed with a Dunlop racquet just before, I was anxious to see how this just one examined.


The SX three hundred Lite has a rapidly sense to it that other lightweight frames really do not. I’ve examined other gentle racquets, these kinds of as the Wilson Ultra 100L, that really do not have ample mass to cling from large hitters. The variation listed here is a rapidly, spin-friendly reaction from the baseline which permitted me to redirect large balls to different places of the court docket.

I was a lot more cozy hitting forehands than backhands with the SX three hundred Lite. On most of my backhands, I blocked the ball again in excess of without the need of a great deal spin. Nevertheless, when I made a medium, reasonable swing velocity on my forehand, it resulted in tons of spin and controllable energy. I also favored hitting topspin groundstrokes a lot more than slices mainly because I had trouble getting the ball deep with the backhand slice. With this racquet, baseline grinders have an effortless route to speed and spin.


The racquet is just in excess of 10 ounces strung, but it did not sense like a featherweight on volleys. At net it was maneuverable and effortless for me to make audio get in touch with in the air. No matter whether I was charging forward after a serve or planted on the support line, I stood my floor figuring out that I could access for the ball in any path, and continue to volley firmly. It delivered a crisp punch that not only retained the ball in the court docket, but also set my opponents on their heels. When you have the probability to hurry the net, do it with the SX three hundred Lite.


I was reasonably surprised at how properly this racquet done on serves. The rapidly, crisp sense at impact applied to serving as properly. Thanks to the gentle static weight, I realized wonderful racquet head velocity. When I whipped it powerfully through get in touch with, I was in a position to hit my targets quite conveniently and persistently. Rising intermediates will value the predictable reaction they get on serves mainly because repetition grows confidence. No matter whether your toughness is hitting flat serves, large kickers, or slice serves, the Dunlop SX three hundred Lite does not engage in favorites.

In general

The Dunlop SX three hundred Lite is a spin-friendly racquet designed for growing intermediates and enthusiastic novices who want to add speed and spin to their shots. This software has a rapidly sense on groundstrokes that permits effortless focusing on, and it creates good, predictable serves. Additionally, it is maneuverable at net, enabling for easy still forceful get in touch with on volleys. If you are looking for a lightweight racquet packed with spin and energy, you have to check out the Dunlop SX three hundred Lite!

Observe: I playtested this racquet using Dunlop Silk Professional strung at fifty five lbs.


About the Reviewer: Chris Griesedieck performed substantial college tennis in the St. Louis location and competed in USTA junior tournaments in the Missouri Valley section. Today he is an active 4.five USTA tournament player and is a PTR certified mentor.


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