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Extra not long ago, Wilson has manufactured racquets a lot more cozy with Countervail technology, and vastly opened up string styles with Spin Influence Technological know-how. With that claimed, they have hardly ever genuinely started off from scratch to redesign a tennis racquet. With the Clash, Wilson “clashes” with a several paradigms of conventional racquet producing. The chief illustration is the racquet’s special harmony involving energy and manage. Wilson statements the Clash is the most flexible racquet ever, but with stability to rival any recent carbon fiber frame on the industry. The “Clash” title is really born from the plan that all racquets are either a lot more suited towards manage or energy, but not both of those. With the Clash, tennis players will recognize a distinct come to feel for the reason that of its emphasis on both of those attributes. 

Earlier this year, Wilson launched the tennis marketplace to the Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour versions. These racquets were being not long ago voted Ideal New Innovation by Tennis Journal 2019 Editor’s Option Award. Now, Wilson is doubling down on all issues Clash by releasing a Clash 98, 100L, 108, and two decreased-length junior versions in the Clash 25 and 26. The adhering to is a brief spherical up of the entire Clash Racquet Loved ones.

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Clash 98

The Clash 98 is made for the advanced participant. It athletics a thinner 24 millimeter beam and has a tiny a lot more in typical with conventional player’s racquets from Wilson like the Professional Workers and Blade. The eleven.5 ounce strung body weight matches the body weight of the Clash 100 Tour, but the string spacing is tighter so there is a tiny a lot more managed reaction. The 98 retains the StableSmart and FreeFlex systems, so the frame is each individual little bit as flexible and cozy as the other Clash versions. Players looking a lot more the most secure Clash racquet ought to benefit from the greater swing body weight of the Wilson Clash 98.

Clash 100L

The lightest racquets in the Clash household are the Clash 100L and 108. With the Clash 100L, players are getting a lightning-rapid and simple-to-swing frame. At only about ten.5 ounces strung, the 100L signifies a great racquet for a participant who was intrigued by the Clash 100, but desired a a lot more cell selection. Junior players that are graduating to an adult-length frame would be fantastic candidates for the 100L.


Clash of the Racquets

Clash 108

The Clash 108 brings the exact technology to an oversize frame. The 108 is one particular of the most cozy oversize racquets obtainable owing to the StableSmart and FreeFlex systems. Spin is generated with ease thanks to the large open 16 x 19 string sample, and however its the exact body weight as the 100L, the 108 is 27.25 inches extensive for a lot more get to, energy, and spin. Seasoned doubles players and novices looking for a racquet they can make improvements to with will discover the Clash 108 to be a cozy, forgiving, and impressive decision.Clash Mob

Clash 100 & 100 Tour

The Clash 100 and 100 Tour function a 24.5 mm beam, 100 square inch head, and 16 x 19 string sample. The 100 is correct all over eleven ounces strung, whilst the Tour is a 50 percent ounce heavier. While the two frames are equivalent, the 100 Tour is a pair a lot more points head gentle than the Clash 100, creating it a tiny less complicated to whip the racquet via get in touch with when on the run. The two the 100 and 100 Tour function a large open 16×19 string sample so players can get tons of spin potential on each individual shot. If you are attempting to make a decision involving the Clash 100 and 100 Tour, take into account the 100 Tour to be a lot more secure, whilst the 100 is fantastic for for a longer time baseline rallies for the reason that of the lighter body weight. 

Clash Junior Racquets

Rumor has it Wilson has a 25 and 26 inch edition of the Clash racquets for junior players to be capable to get advantage of the new systems. The frames ought to be on their way shortly, and will both of those weigh underneath ten ounces. Stay tuned for a lot more on these top quality junior frames!

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Maybe the most engaging thing about the Clash racquets are that they are not made for one particular swing or video game style. The FreeFlex technology is made to bend with any variety or pace of swing, holding the ball on the strings a little bit for a longer time for a lot more tuned-in manage and accuracy. The technology at the rear of the Clash does not discriminate, it’s meant for everyone to take pleasure in the rewards!


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